Motherhood or Career! Which one should come first?

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According to Dawn survey 50 percent of female doctors never work after graduation

The decision has no universal formula and is entirely subjective but various experiences can shed some light on this topicLife decisions are definitely not linear. Once you graduate you may have a number of options and circumstances to deal with. 
Some women get married early and start a family (planned or unplanned) while some wait for years to find Mr. Right so decide to pursue career or just do it because they want to. But it gets tough to balance your family and career once you have kids.
 According to Dawn survey 50 percent of female doctors never work after graduation. You might read this information with severe judgmental point of view but (especially here in Pakistan) motherhood is stronger than career orientation. In most cases our society is brutal for a working mother. Even if a woman puts career first she has to face a rhythm of “haww’s” and “haayye’s” and to conceive late is frowned upon.
Beauty of the world lies in diversification. While some put motherhood first there’s a percentage that puts career first and there are also few who could do both at the same time and there’s absolutely nothing wrong in all the choices.
Bottom line is do what suits you. Do what you think YOU can do. Assemble your priorities and whole heatedly accept what God gives you.

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