The person Benazir Bhutto claimed as her killer

The lady who knew her living days were numbered but decided to come back

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In the podcast “The Assassination” by BBC, the 10 years old search claims that when Bibi was asked about AQ Khan, the man behind Pakistan’s Nuclear programme, she stated that she won't handover him to America but she would make sure to make him available to answer questions to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

This statement provoked a series of outrage and objection and was especially not welcomed by the establishment. In addition to that, her relationship with Musharraf, the ruler of the country at that time, also played a significant role in her assassination. She claimed that Musharraf threatened her on the call before her arrival in Pakistan that her security is directly proportional to her relationship with him.

“Let me tell you today, very clearly, that they have already decided to kill me and they will kill me soon. After they do, they will blame the Taliban or the Al Qaeda. But you must name Musharraf as my assassin.” 

Benazir told this to Hamid Mir, senior journalist of Pakistan. She also told her friend Mark Seigel in USA through letters that Musharraf would assassinate her and to share this news with world if she gets attacked for the second time.

After her murder, thing’s happened exactly as she stated. Musharraf denied the allegations and blamed Baitullah Mehsud. Mehsud denied the attack and was later killed in the drone attack.

Maybe that’s why Musharraf’s recent death penalty was welcomed by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and they called it “justice for the democracy”. Today marks her 12th martyrdom anniversay as we remember the first elected women prime minister of Pakistan. 

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