First Coronavirus confirmed in Pakistan

The virus is silently contagious.

A new type of 2019 novel coronavirus was first discovered in China. It’s symptoms are just like normal cold; runny nose, flue, sore throat etc. But once reached to lungs or lower parts of body it affects respiratory system and leads to pneumonia.

Coronavirus is spread through direct touch from an infected person or touching things that infected person has touched. It can be treated with over the counter medication but once it metastasis it’s lethal.

First case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Pakistan in Rawalpindi. Same week 6 people from Australia were diagnosed with virus who recently visited China. Chinese are the direct carriers of coronavirus, according to Sydney news reports. All direct flights between Wuhan and Sydney has also been cancelled. Pakistan’s health ministry should take such actions to prevent further transfer of virus.

For precautions, take good care of your hygiene. Wash your hands mouth regularly. Don’t touch your face, nose and mouth unnecessarily and you’ll be good.

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