Engineering vs Unemployment

Over 50,000 graduate engineers are unemployed in Pakistan, according to PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) reports.

If you’re an engineer the title might trigger you but hold your judgmental horses and read this for facts, figures and ugly ground realities.

Imagine studying engineering for four years just to increase the unemployment rate of the country. While we have exact figures for engineers let’s accept that Pakistan is not a best market for fresh graduates from any sector. Our job market isn’t flourishing and it’s extremely hard for a fresh graduate to find a decent job.

Medicine and engineering as cliche as these professions may sound, truth is these are extremely broader terms that encapsulates many fields. You can actually use your engineering knowledge and modify it in various careers. Real life example, my husband is a mechanical engineer graduate and now working as a planning engineer. Same is the case with medicine.

So even if you’re unemployed engineer, there is still a sliver lining. Practice your knowledge. You can be an unemployed engineer and still end up as a teacher, full time athlete, poet, writer, retailer and even a professional wildlife photographer just like Farhan Qureshi from 3 idiots.

Who knows where life might leads you. Give it a shot.

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