Water flavor is it’s temperature!

Yup you read it right. You might be like WTH but helloooo! Science.

Our taste buds perceive flavors based on number of things and temperature is one of them. Our high school science books told us that water has no taste. Which is partially true. Pure water has no detectable taste. Taste is a matter of mineral content and ingredients. Water taste different due to minerals in it and minerals taste different in various temperatures. The water most of us drink is filtered water not distiller water that is why it still has some of minerals in it. So adjusting how your taste buds act while playing with temperature is pretty neat.

Water has highest density at around 4 degrees Celsius. You might “feel” it differently if you place it on your tongue that's why most fridges would chill water up-to around this temperature.  

Thing is temperature is more of a preference. Some people prefer cold water. Some always prefer hot. Bottom line is you can actually adjust how your water taste and yes water has unique taste and it does vary.

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