Why is it so hard to cure cancer?

Cancer! A curse or a billion dollar business?

Cancer affects more than 14 million people worldwide. But why this disease is incurable? Mankind has landed on mars, decipher human genome, made shocking inventions with electromagnetic waves but still fail to find a cure of cancer once its metastasis? Why?

Coming to complex problems later, for starters, cancer is a complex disease. It has almost 100 types. Even if we try to eradicate it with surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, it’s still not 100% effective. We need to to destroy the stem cells to make a patient cancer free but cancer cells are masters of adaptation. Some complex cancer can even change their genes expression that’s why it becomes almost impossible.

Pharmaceutical companies which research on diseases and make medicines are unable to come up with effective vaccine or anything. Shocking news is, the medicine which are given to cancer patients earn them a revenue of more than 160 billion dollars. We consume toxic chemicals which are been sprayed on farms on daily basis. Some of the companies are even FDA approved.

The entire system including the research companies and authorities need amendments. As long as we keep on looking for the current medical establishment it’ll always be about money.

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