Is Cryptocurrency Halal? Experts Weigh In


Cryptocurrency 2022

The increasing popularity of the Halal finance sector has many questioning whether cryptocurrency is Sharia approved - Australian Halal loans experts Hejaz Financial Services explain.

The Melbourne-based Halal home loan expert explains that Sharia law has a strict set of regulations for the Halal financial sector that dictate how money can and cannot be made, spent and invested. These regulations state that when it comes to currency, transactions should have a physical form and a definite value – cryptocurrency does not meet either of these requirements.

Hejaz Financial Services explains that the reasoning behind these rules is that transactions that do not take a physical form or have a definite value carry an element of uncertainty, wagering and speculation. In addition, the trading of cryptocurrencies often catalyses practices that are outlawed under Sharia law, such as gambling or fraudulent activity.

Thus, cryptocurrencies do not meet Sharia standards as a form of currency. However, Sharia loans experts assert that cryptocurrencies may still have a place in the Islamic financial sector if they are traded as a commodity or digital asset, as long as they meet requirements and display a clear benefit. 

The use of cryptocurrencies as a form of currency was recently banned for Muslims in Indonesia, a predominantly Islamic country, by the country's council of religious leaders. Many in the country oppose this fatwa, as interest in investing in cryptocurrency is rapidly growing throughout Indonesia, with nearly 6.5 million Indonesian residents investing in cryptocurrency as of May 2021.

Although many Islamic countries are in heavy debate over the benefits versus the dangers of cryptocurrency – with some, such as Indonesia, even banning its use – Hejaz Financial Services note that fatwas have been known to be changed or reversed. 

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