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Pakistanis lose Rs17.7 billion to online cryptocurrency fraud

Bitcoin 2022

 The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has detected an online fraud of USD100 million (Rs17.7 billion) using a cryptocurrency and issued a notice to the local representative of Binance to appear in person on Jan 10, local media reported.

Sharing details of the fraud, the Additional Director of the FIA cybercrime wing Imran Riaz on Friday said that those involved in the online fraud transferred the money abroad via cryptocurrency.

“We launched a probe after receiving complaints regarding a fraud involving billions of rupees being committed using nine online applications,” he said and added that they had sought answers in this regard from a representative of the cryptocurrency in Pakistan.

He shared that people invested between US$100 to US$80,000 in fraud applications. “Those who developed these apps were linked to cryptocurrency,” the FIA official said.

He said that they have sought details of all those linked to the fraud with the Binance cryptocurrency and their crypto accounts would be suspended. The FIA official further shared that cryptocurrency is being used in money laundering and terror financing.

According to details some mobile applications were offering Pakistanis to invest in the virtual currency. These applications were linked to Binance, the leading virtual platform for buying and selling Bitcoins and other similar cryptocurrencies.

However, these applications suddenly vanished and investment of around Rs17.7 billion made by Pakistanis were lost. The authorities said the unique way was adopted for fraudulent activity. The persons who launched the applications had connections with the crypto exchange.

The FIA issued the notice to Hamza Khan, the local representative of Binance. “During the inquiry, it was found that the fraudulent accounts of different applications namely, MCX, HFC, HTFOX, FXCOPY, OKMINI, BB001, AVG86C, BX66, 91fp, TASKTOK, were linked with Binance wallets,” the officials said.

It is noted that the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) through a circular issued in 2018 informed the general public that it had not authorised or licensed any individual or entity for the issuance, sale, purchase, or investment in any such virtual currencies, coins, tokens in Pakistan.

Recently, a report released by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) revealed that Pakistanis had a staggering $20 billion worth of assets in cryptocurrencies.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has also launched a probe into the investment in the cryptocurrencies to identify investors and their source of investment. During a Sindh High Court hearing, a petitioner had on April 6, 2018 stated that the SBP imposed a ban on the use of digital currency despite developing countries are earning significant revenue from the cryptocurrency which doesn’t pose any threat to national interests.

10 Signs Of Genuine Intelligence That Can’t Be Faked

Signs of intelligence

Intelligence is something many people wish to have- and many people try to fake. However, there are some things you simply can’t fake, and true intelligence is one of them.

Have you ever met someone who wanted everyone to think they were smart? They might use big words, or flex their ‘geeky’ hobby when in reality, everyone knew they weren’t what they tried to appear.

True intelligence isn’t a flex. And it isn’t something that can be faked. Several strong indicators scientifically correlate to higher intelligence. If you don’t believe me, check out the following.

1. Rhythmic signs of intelligence.

A Swedish research team found that people who were good at keeping time scored higher on intelligence tests and surveys. They suspect that the reason behind this is because timing is important to brain processes that are responsible for problem solving and reasoning

2. Empathy

A key component of emotional intelligence is the ability to empathize and to see things from the perspective of another person. And while the ability to acknowledge and understand your own emotions is also important to emotional intelligence, the ability to see through someone else’s perspective is fundamental.

3. Valuing solitude.

Many people think of those who enjoy being alone as being awkward or strange. However, a 2016 study found that people who exhibited greater intelligence were less likely to feel satisfied by socializing frequently.

More socializing means less time to spend in contemplation, or in pursuing your interests and goals. So, don’t feel odd because you enjoy spending time alone.

4. You are a night owl.

In a study of over 20,000 people, a strong connection was found between staying up late and intelligence. According to the study, the higher your IQ, the later you will likely stay up. The study reads “more intelligent individuals are more likely to be nocturnal, getting up later in the morning and going to bed later in the evening, than less intelligent individuals.”

5. You question everything.

Intelligent people don’t accept anything at face value. Sophie von Stum from the University of Edinburgh in the UK co-authored a study called “The Hungry Mind: Intellectual Curiosity Is the Third Pillar of Academic Performance” says that “If you’re intellectually curious, you’ll go home, you’ll read the books. ” She also explained that she felt like the “curious ones” had the most potential for development.

6. Intelligent people know they don’t know everything.

The great Socrates once said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” And if you think about it, this one ties into curiosity. To be curious, we cannot assume we know and understand everything. Instead, we have to remain open-minded enough to question ourselves and the world around us. Intelligent people don’t assume they have all the answers.

7. They worry.

A small study in 2011 discovered that people with high IQs had a different approach to worries than those who did not. The study found that people with high IQs spend more time worrying because they understand the potential threats and obstacles in their way, and want to be prepared. However, those who had higher intelligence were also less likely to worry about things that were unlikely to happen.

8. They’re adaptable.

Intelligent people understand that to make it through life, we must adjust and change with our environments. Our bodies evolve and adjust, and our perspective has to as well. If you don’t shift and adjust as needed, life can become difficult and it can be hard to manage.

9. They have self-control.

In a 2009 study, participants had to choose between two financial rewards. They could either choose to have a smaller payout immediately or choose to get a larger payout in the future. Those who chose the latter were more likely to have a higher IQ.

10. They procrastinate.

Intelligent people may procrastinate more because they prioritize more important tasks over less important ones. In turn, it may seem like they push some things to the side until the last moment, but in reality, they are worried about what’s more important.

Research Says Intelligent People Are Messy, Stay Up Late, And Curse A Lot

Despite the societal stereotype of those who curse being ignorant, a recent study has found that swearing is a sign of intelligence. Furthermore, those who are messier and like to stay up late are more likely to have a higher IQ.

For ages, people have maintained that only those with a limited vocabulary are likely to use swear words. However, psychologists Kristin Jay of Marist College and Timothy Jay of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts have found this to be incorrect. According to their study, those who were more fluent in ‘taboo words’ were more likely to be fluent in mundane, neutral words, meaning that they actually had a wider vocabulary.

Staying up late, swearing and messiness have been linked in our society to laziness and stupidity. Thankfully, now, science is proving that all three assumptions are wrong. So, if you enjoy your curse words, being a night owl, or having a messy environment, have no fears, as you are more than likely a genius. If not, you could be pretty damn close.

Six Of The Worst Mistakes You Can Make While Talking To Children

Parents children behaviour

 While it might seem easy to get along with children, it’s not always as simple as it sounds. Sure, you might be on the same page but kids are very different from adults for a reason.

Being a mother or a father is not an easy task. Some days you’re going to feel like you’re doing a great job while others you’re going to feel like you’re messing up every step of the way. Below I am going to go over some of the mistakes a lot of parents make when it comes to talking with their kids. These are things we need to be aware of so that we can better ourselves and the relationships we have with our children.

When Talking To Kids Here Are Some Of The Worst Mistakes You Can Make:

1. We try to use guilt to get them to do what we want.

As a parent, it’s really easy to guilt and shame your kids into giving into you but you shouldn’t be doing that. You don’t like when people do that to you, do you? It takes a toll on you even now, imagine what kind of a toll it takes on your kids.

2. We don’t actually listen to what they’re saying in return.

When our kids are engaging with us, we should listen to them just as they are listening to us. Sure, there are limits to this but hearing them out is crucial for their own development. This helps them learn how to stand up for themselves as well as speak out in general.

3. We nag them over and over again.

I know, it might not be something you want to do but as a parent, nagging becomes part of your routine, doesn’t it? If something isn’t happening that you already told your kid to do you need to make some changes. You should not be repeating yourself over and over again. Ask yourself internally whether you’re being too demanding or if your kid isn’t listening to you, once you have an answer move forth from there.

4. We talk too much.

We might not realise it but kids can’t process things the way we adults can. They can only take in so much at one time. Inch them into things that might seem overwhelming. This will make a huge difference in how things play out.

5. We forget to appreciate their efforts.

While it might not always seem like it the efforts your kids put forth are important. Don’t dismiss them because they didn’t get an A even though they tried their best. Show them you’re proud of that B plus since it was the best they could do and help them improve.

6. We dismiss their emotions because we are more able to regulate our own.

Just because we think what our kids are feeling is silly because we can regulate better than they can does not mean their emotions are not valid. The things your kids feel are valid and you should be helping them through them not forcing them to ignore how they’re feeling as a whole. This in itself can be a recipe for disaster if you keep doing it for too long.

Nostradamus Predictions For 2022 – Asteroid Strike, Inflation, Starvation, And Cannibalism

Nostradamus 2022 predictions

Nostradamus was a French plague doctor, astrologer, and philosopher. In 1555, he wrote a book called “Les Prophéties” which is a book of predictions for ages to come.

Many of the predictions made have come true, but not all of them. With that being said, life is full of exciting unpredictabilities, so seeing the future is not a perfect art, but it’s still fascinating to be able to look at how the predictions truly do tie into modern life. Some of these already are starting to transpire now, but haven’t fully happened, and you will see what I mean below.

1. The death of a world leader.

Many interpretations of his predictions indicate that Kim Jong Un, or another world leader, could die within the next year. There are different interpretations of who it will be, but the quote reads as follows, “The sudden death of the first character, he will be changed, and they will put another in his kingdom.”

2. The rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Over the past few years, technology has evolved at an alarming rate, leading to much controversy as to the possible devastating effects this could cause. Many prophesies from Nostradamus indicate that if artificial intelligence were to gain enough ‘awareness’ it could end up seizing our entire string of networks.

3. The fall of the European Union.

“Sacred temples of the Roman time, will reject the foundations of their foundation.” Many people believe it started with Brexit and will lead to war, and then the downfall of the European Union.

4. Global warming.

“Like the sun, the head will seal the shining sea. The live fish of the Black Sea will almost boil”. Some interpretations read this as a major solar storm that could liquify Earth’s poles, causing our sea levels to rise. Other similar predictions, like earthquakes, flooding, and water shortages tie into this one.

5. Invasion of France.

“Blue-head shall white-head harm in such degree, As France’s good to both shall e’er amount.” While this is pretty vague, some interpret this as a reference to World War III, a possible French takeover, and wars that tie into the downfall of the European Union.

6. Inflation, starvation, and cannibalism.

“No abbots, monks, no novices to learn

Honey shall cost far more than candle-wax”

“So high the price of wheat,

That man is stirred

His fellow man to eat in his despair”

This particular prophecy made my skin crawl, especially after a year of food shortages, supply chain shortages, and other indications of food shortages in general. We can only hope this one does not ring true.

7. Asteroid strike

In 1555, Nostradamus also appears to have predicted that the Earth will be struck by an asteroid, resulting in mass death.

The astronomer’s prophecies are vague as to when this claimed ‘celestial stone’ strike will occur, but he did write that a ‘great fire’ would fall from the sky.

This is the ultimate snack food — and it's better for you than you think

2022 healthy recipe

We all may be full of holiday cheer, but we're also full of holiday meals. When the indulgences of the season start to catch up with us, it's time to ditch the usual dinner for something a little more whimsical: a snack night.

When you're snacking for dinner, popcorn can't be beat. It's an ideal "main course" because it's more filling than other snack foods and doesn't rely on a fryer for flavor. It also can be made from scratch in minutes with no special equipment other than a large pot, and you can flavor it any which way you want.
It's not necessary to save popcorn night for a special occasion, either. While you can certainly pair popcorn with a movie-watching evening, there is no law against making popcorn for dinner whenever the moment feels right. Don't fight the feeling.

It's a snack that really fills you up

    Popcorn is an unprocessed whole grain: In fact, it's the combination of a starchy core inside a fibrous outer hull that makes popcorn pop. It's also high in fiber, containing nearly 4 grams per 4-cup serving, and contains a significant amount of polyphenols that can help lower blood sugar levels and help digestion. 

    In addition, "popcorn is a filling snack due to the volume it takes up in your stomach, which keeps us from over-snacking," said registered dietitian nutritionist Julien Chamoun of RD Nutrition Counseling in New Jersey. Popcorn has been shown to be more satiating than potato chips, meaning you'll feel fuller after eating it.

    Karachi teenagers shoot dead elderly man for TikTok fame

    Tiktok 2022

    Police have apprehended two teenage students for allegedly shooting dead an elderly citizen in Karachi’s Malir for a TikTok video.

    A man, identified as Qamar Raza, was killed near Ghazi Chowk in Jafar-e-Tayyar Society six days back.

    The Malir SSP said that the police have arrested two students, both aged 14, in the murder case. The teenagers shot the man dead just to make a video for TikTok, he revealed.

    CCTV footage of the bizarre incident shows four youngsters on two motorcycles. Suspect Fazil Ali fired at Qamar Raza, the police said.

    The murder weapon and a motorcycle have been recovered from the detained teenagers. The weapon has been sent to a lab for a forensic examination, the SSP said.

    He said the suspects during investigation provided information about their two on-the-run friends and raids are being conducted to arrest them as well.

    Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace These 5 Simple Rules

    Emotional intelligence 2022

    Here are 10 rules of emotional intelligence that will help you start making emotions work for you, instead of against you.

    1. The 25/5 Rule

    According to ancient legend, billionaire Warren Buffett's personal pilot was once discussing career priorities with his boss when Buffett taught him a simple lesson. 

    According to the legend, Buffet told his pilot to first make a list of his top 25 career goals, and then, to circle the top five goals. To remain focused on accomplishing goals one through five, the pilot would need to keep away from the other goals.

    2. Writing in reverse

    Writing in reverse is simple: You have to reverse your role as the writer (of an email, a report, a landing page, etc.) with the role of the recipient (your audience). This is helpful because it keeps you from:

    • writing from an overly emotional perspective,
    • writing too much, or
    • writing things that won't help your cause, and which the recipient doesn't care about

    Writing in reverse is also emotionally intelligent--because it helps you develop your empathy muscle.

    3. The golden question

    The golden question is actually five questions in one. When you need to make a decision but you feel your emotions taking over, ask yourself:

    How will I feel about this in:

    • a day
    • a week?
    • a month?
    • a year?
    • five years?

    This question is extremely helpful because by forcing yourself to "see the future," you hack your brain and change the way it processes emotions.

    4. The 5-minute rule

    Ever have a huge task sitting in front of you, and instead of working on it, you sit around watching YouTube videos all morning? Yeah, me too.

    There's a reason we do that: The brain is so overwhelmed with the thought of completing that task, it causes you to avoid it at all costs.

    In cases like these, you can use the five-minute rule: Make a deal with yourself to work on a task for just five minutes. If you want to quit after that, no problem.

    This works because the brain is "tricked" into seeing your large task as a small one. Of course, you usually end up working for much longer than five minutes.

    5. The rule of clocking out

    If you're anything like me, you view work as a priority. But how do you balance that priority with even more important priorities, like your family, or your mental health?

    You can do so by learning to clock out: Set working times for every day, and when the end of the day comes, clock out. Treat it like an important appointment, one that I can't miss.

    Employers and employees who apply the rule of clocking out find balance and build a more rewarding organizational culture--one that is founded on balance.

    Dog-themed cryptocurrency surges 3,500% after Elon Musk Christmas tweet

    Santa Floki Coin

    It’s a crypto Christmas miracle. 

    A cryptocurrency named after Elon Musk’s dog multiplied in value this weekend after the world’s richest man posted a photo of his cute canine on Twitter.

    Santa Floki coin — named in a Christmas-themed reference to Musk’s Shiba Inu hound, Floki —surged more than 3,000 percent following a tweet from Elon Musk. It was up an additional 500 percent over the past 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap data

    On Dec. 25, Musk posted a photo of his dog wearing a Santa costume with the caption “Floki Santa.”  While Musk seems to have just been referencing the fact that his dog was wearing a costume, Santa Floki’s creators pounced on the opportunity to promote their coin. 

    “@elonmusk just tweeted about us and we are humbled by this recognition!” the creators declared on Twitter

    Santa Floki subsequently surged from $0.0000000129 per coin prior to Musk’s tweet to $0.000001718 on Monday. 

    Like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu coin, Flokinomics and others, Santa Floki features a Shiba Inu dog as its mascot and has been propelled by social media hype

    Proponents of these coins typically follow a well-worn strategy: name a coin after a meme such as Elon Musk’s dog — then relentlessly promote the coin online to send its price soaring. The most lucrative promotion is a shoutout from the Tesla CEO himself. 

    Born and Raised in Pakistan, but Living in Legal Limbo

    Madad Ali, a young Afghan who works in software development in Pakistan, says he goes to the beach “to overcome depression.” 

    Pakistan has refused to grant the children of Afghan refugees full rights as citizens. A lack of identification documents limits their livelihoods and puts them at risk of deportation.

    KARACHI, Pakistan — For these four young people, Pakistan is home. They were born and raised there. They have big plans: to study, to open their own businesses, to succeed.

    But Pakistan says their home is elsewhere. Each of the four — a lab technician, a web developer, a jewelry maker, a former welder with dreams of travel — was born to parents from Afghanistan who fled to Pakistan because of war and persecution.

    The children have been in legal limbo all their lives, at risk of deportation to a strife-torn country they have never seen.

    Some live in Al-Asif Square, a neighborhood of low-slung, barrackslike apartment buildings on the outskirts of the port city of Karachi, where the refugee population is often blamed for high crime rates and gang violence. With their vulnerable legal status, opportunity is hard to come by.

    Pakistan is home to an estimated hundreds of thousands of children of Afghan refugees. Without official recognition or citizenship, they cannot attend most schools or universities, get many jobs or buy property or cars.

    Muhammad Saleem, 24, a lab technician, does not have documentation, so no medical school will admit him.

    His lack of documents also means he earns about one-quarter of the market rate for lab technicians, or $85 a month.

    “Unfortunately, I could not fulfill the dream of my parents of becoming a doctor,” he said.

    While Pakistani law grants citizenship to those born there, the government has long refused to recognize the claims of children of Afghans amid public pressure to stem the tide of refugees from Afghanistan. Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced an alien registration card system that would allow Afghans and their locally born children to start businesses — but it would still deny them full legal rights, human rights groups warn.

    Omicron, Everything we know so far

    Omicron 2022 symptoms

    The latest “variant of concern” for the Coronavirus (or SARS-CoV-2), known as Omicron (or B.1.1.529), was first identified by scientists in South Africa on November 24. It is believed to be more communicable than the previous Delta variant. Omicron has so far spread to 106 countries, the WHO has said.

    Some scientists are also concerned that the variant’s high number of mutations in its spike protein may help it evade vaccinations. When Delta became the predominant variant, cold-like upper respiratory symptoms became more common, while the loss of taste and smell became less common than in other variants. With Omicron, some experts have said the symptoms appear to be milder than Delta, while others say it is too soon to confirm. The consensus however is that caution needs to be exercised due to the increase in transmission rates. 

    Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who first informed the world about the presence of this variant, has said muscle aches, fatigue, a scratchy throat, and night sweats are common Omicron symptoms. 

    Early data released on 16 December by the COVID Symptoms Study, run by the health science company Zoe and King’s College London, said cold-like symptoms were the most commonly reported by people with the new Omicron variant.

    The data showed that the top five symptoms reported in an app for Omicron infection were a runny nose, headache, fatigue (either mild or severe), sneezing, and a sore throat. 

    The World Health Organization’s top official in Europe, Hans Kluge said 89 percent of those with confirmed Omicron infections in Europe reported symptoms common with other coronavirus variants, including cough, sore throat, or fever.

    Are Omicron symptoms milder, Are they more transmissible?

    Coetzee has described the symptoms of Omicron as “very, very mild” compared with those of the Delta variant. She also said that, unlike in other variants, patients have not reported a loss of smell or taste and there has been no major drop in oxygen levels with the new variant.

    South African study, which has yet to be peer-reviewed, has suggested there are reduced risks of hospitalization and severe disease in people infected with the Omicron coronavirus variant versus the Delta one, though the authors say some of that is likely due to high population immunity.

    But researchers at Imperial College London (ICL) have said, “We find no evidence (for both risks of hospitalization attendance and symptom status) of Omicron having different severity from Delta,” although it added that data on hospitalizations remains very limited. Their study is also not yet peer-reviewed.

    Experts have also been concerned that the speed at which Omicron appears to spread will offset any reduction in severity.

    How long is Omicron’s incubation period?

    The time it takes for an infected person to develop symptoms may be shorter for Omicron than for previous variants, from a full week down to as little as three days or fewer.

    5 most valuable skills to learn in 2022, says futurist

    2022 skills

    While 2022 may throw a few curveballs, the beginning of the new year is always a perfect time  to focus on career growth.

    According to the Department of Labor, the economy is rebounding and some industries have recovered their job losses from the early days of the pandemic due to these skills.

    1. Problem-solving

    In the future, it will pay to think critically and creatively about your work — and to add unique skills, experiences and connections to your professional toolkit.

    Your efforts to exist outside-the-box will not only help you come up with novel solutions, but will give you the tools to communicate that you are capable of solving new and exciting problems.

    For example, time spent analyzing a different kind of business or connecting with folks in a different industry may help you find new ways to think about a problem or new tools for your team to use. That's what employers — and customers — are looking for in a rapidly changing market.

    2. Strategic planning

    Futurists don't predict the future. We identify trends in society or a market and consider the impact that these trends might have.

    By using "what if" scenarios to role-play different strategies and their outcomes, we help people determine which strategic direction to take — and plot alternate strategies in case of a sudden, unexpected turn in the future.

    You can apply that same technique to your own career or business. Learning how to consider the different directions that your industry or career path may take in the future can help you intentionally map your future moves, come up with a plan B, and protect yourself against uncertainty.

    3. Decision-making

    We will all be called on to make fast and impactful choices in 2022. This is true even if we don't have the same level of information or the time to plan as we did in the pre-Covid era.

    Feeling unqualified to do that? Join the club: Making mistakes was the biggest fear in the workplace even before the pandemic.

    Ninety-nine percent of leadership is a willingness to keep making decisions. Coach yourself on how to exercise good judgement and trust your instincts, and you'll stand out from those who are too nervous to be decisive.

    4. Listening

    recent study published by McKinsey & Company found that companies who scored in the study's top-quartile for ethnic or cultural diversity on executive teams were 33% more likely to have industry-leading profitability.

    People who will achieve business success in 2022 and beyond will know how to draw on a wide range of talents, perspectives and skills. That requires the ability to really listen to other people and their opinions.

    5. Logistics

    If your day-to-day schedule looks like controlled chaos, you're not alone — and you may need to mentally prepare for 2022.

    Deadlines are getting tighter and job responsibilities are getting greater. In the next few years, you'll be called upon to think like a project manager, even if that just means finding more effective ways to cram in after-school activities with your kids on top of a hectic remote work schedule.

    The secret to success here is mastering the art of logistics. If you can manage to get to grandma's house this year for the holidays — through crowded airports, travel restrictions and all — you've got what it takes to efficiently prioritize your time and other resources.

    Rent prices set to increase during Qatar World Cup 2022

    Qatar 2022

    Rent prices are expected to witness a surge during the Qatar 2022 World Cup as demand increases.

    A local real estate report anticipates housing unit rents to rise at different rates during the first half of next year as over one million people are expected to arrive in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

    A weekly report by Qatar-based Al-Asmakh Real Estate Development Company, issued on Saturday, highlighted that the real estate sector in the Gulf state will continue to be the highest spending among all sectors during the next year. 

    The state’s general budget has allocated 74 billion riyals ($20.3 billion) for major projects out of the total budget expenditures, as the country proceeds with public projects in accordance with its set plans and strategies.

    The priority in spending goes to infrastructure projects, the development of citizens’ lands, and public services development projects including roads, bridges and a comprehensive sewage network .

    The report noted that a number of real estate projects have reached completion, particularly in Lusail City, which has an area of about 1.8 million square meters. 

    It pointed out that the positive growth rates were achieved in the construction of real estate projects during the fourth quarter of 2021, compared to the same period last year.

    The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and the Qatari Ministry of Labour signed a memorandum of understanding last March, under which it was agreed the two would collaborate in helping  provide accommodation for fans and visitors to the country during the World Cup 2022.

    The approval in the first phase included over 150 different properties in buildings, towers and residential complexes (complete and undivided) and fully furnished units, providing about 15,000 rooms.

    The rental value of the units is determined according to the established government housing prices, while the rental period for real estate will continue for at least five years, which is the period of contracts concluded with real estate owners.

    The aim of the contracts is to benefit from the rental properties during the World Cup, and then utilize them to house employees through the government housing program.

    In the company’s weekly report, Rashid Al-Kaabi, the general manager of Utopia Real Estate, said that the third week of the current month witnessed a relative return to activity with an increase in trading values by 94% compared to the previous week.

    What Bill Gates is ‘most worried about heading into 2022’


    Bill gates 2022

    For the most part, Bill Gates is optimistic about 2022. But the billionaire Microsoft co-founder still has a few concerns heading into the coming year.

    In Gates' recently published end-of-year blog post, titled "Reasons for optimism after a difficult year," he made multiple rosy prognostications — from the Covid pandemic potentially ending to the oncoming rise of the metaverse.

    But one particular problem could slow or derail much of that progress, he predicted: people's distrust of governments. "It's one of the issues I'm most worried about heading into 2022," he wrote.

    Public institutions, Gates noted, need to be major players in fights like addressing climate change or preventing the next pandemic. But they can only do so much if people reject their guidance on principle.

    "If your people don't trust you, they're not going to support major new initiatives," Gates wrote. "And when a major crisis emerges, they're less likely to follow guidance necessary to weather the storm."

    Such distrust has become particularly evident since the pandemic hit: Covid misinformation has spreadacross both the U.S. and the rest of the world, hampering the country's vaccination rates and ultimately delaying the end of the pandemic.

    But Pew Research Center research from pre-Covid times showed similar trends: In a 2019 poll of American adults, 75% of respondents said their fellow citizens' trust in the federal government was shrinking.

    Another 64% of polltakers said Americans' trust with each other was shrinking, too. And about four in ten respondents thought the mistrust made it harder to handle issues like health care, immigration and gun violence.

    In Gates' blog post, he noted that 24-hour news cycles, politically incentivized headlines and social media have each played a role in the "growing divide" — and that governments may need regulate online platforms to effectively dispel misinformation.

    It's already a focus for some lawmakers in Washington D.C. In October, former Facebook engineer Frances Haugen testified before a Senate committee about the company's misinformation "crisis," a potential early step toward social media platform regulations.

    Time may be of the essence. Gates expressed concern that without quick intervention, Americans may grow more likely to elect politicians who publicly express and encourage distrust. The snowball effect could then cause the public to "become even more disillusioned."

    It's a tricky problem to solve — and even Gates said he's unsure how to proceed.

    Adam Levine Breaks Silence On Influencer's Cheating Accusation: 'I Crossed The Line'

      The Maroon 5 singer denied that he had an affair, but apologized to his pregnant wife, Behati Prinsloo, for "inappropriate" beha...