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Research Says Intelligent People Are Messy, Stay Up Late, And Curse A Lot

Despite the societal stereotype of those who curse being ignorant, a recent study has found that swearing is a sign of intelligence. Furthermore, those who are messier and like to stay up late are more likely to have a higher IQ.

For ages, people have maintained that only those with a limited vocabulary are likely to use swear words. However, psychologists Kristin Jay of Marist College and Timothy Jay of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts have found this to be incorrect. According to their study, those who were more fluent in ‘taboo words’ were more likely to be fluent in mundane, neutral words, meaning that they actually had a wider vocabulary.

Staying up late, swearing and messiness have been linked in our society to laziness and stupidity. Thankfully, now, science is proving that all three assumptions are wrong. So, if you enjoy your curse words, being a night owl, or having a messy environment, have no fears, as you are more than likely a genius. If not, you could be pretty damn close.

How to make a living through Facebook Metaverse, NFT’s & Web3

If you haven't heard yet, Facebook has gone through  a colossal rebranding, and it will affect the industry of fashion more than you've thought and many people are going to make a living through that. Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp came under the label of Meta. Mark Zuckerberg said that people can create anything they ever imagined on Metaverse. So, how is it going to influence the world of fashion? Is Metaverse the new Goldmine of Fashion?

There are a lot of brands that own their online stores and pages on Facebook. Brands endorse their products on social media to reach more customers worldwide. Meta is going to take this online branding to the next level. Brands will be given the unique opportunity of digital fashion shows, live events, exhibitions, and workshops on Facebook and Instagram.

Metaverse, unlikely their competitors can reach much more audience as billions of people use Facebook Instagram on adaily basis. Metaverse has a larger community as compared to Amazon, Alibaba Express, etc. Metaverse will provide a new exciting opportunity for new markets, new kinds of social networks, and new patents

Nowadays, people have a very hectic schedule, making it impossible for them to visit physical outlets of different brands to get their desirable accessories.  This is the reason that everybody prefers online shopping these days. Metaverseis providing different brands under one platform to its audience and making it easier for them to select products following the latest fashion trends.

Digital fashion shows will make it easy for brands to reach more customers. An impressive sensory expression can be created on the audience by combining art with 3D animation, texture, and product design. At every level, the fashion industry is reckoning itself. 

Designer Anifa Mvuemba is the first one who debuted the first virtual fashion show on the 22nd of May, in 2020. The show is fully rendered in a rich virtual space. The owner of DizonGayle Dizon, said that it is specific CGI, 3D design, image capture, and body mapping can revolutionize fashion.

Other designers like Gary James McQueen also presented their digital fashion show. His show includes no physical models. Gary used the latest technology to create virtual models, designs, textures, etc. He brings the show to a whole new level by creating virtual backgrounds and virtual ramps. Gary expressed his imagination through the medium of fashion and the 3D world.

Metaverse will be being able to bring the audience to an immersive experience through these digital fashion shows. The vision of Metaverse is to help designers create an immersive atmosphere for their audience. Metaverse will use technology to create an unreal atmosphere for the world to step in, giving designers more freedom of creativity 

Designers can create their virtual models in the form of 3D avatars. Marvelous painters can create designs, patterns, colors combination, and textures for costumes. Metaversemakes it much easier for the designer to create new fashion opportunities. 

Digital fashion can make the whole process much more convenient for the designer. On the other hand, physical fashion shows need much more complex work. Physical fashion shows can be much more time-consuming as well. New technology can help the designer speed up things.

Benoit Pagotto´s design studio sells 620 pairs of virtual sneakers, and in less than 5 minutes, it generates $3.1 Million. According to entrepreneurs, virtual fashion will become universal in the coming daysMany people spend most of their time on virtual spaces, which makes it easier for brands to reach them on this virtual platform. 

Creating a tremendous collection on a virtual platform such as Metaverse can be beneficial for the business in the fashion industry as the new generation loves to spend their time on MetaverseMetaverse is giving creative people a canvas to create extraordinary things in the world of fashion.  

Most of us are grappling with pandemics or any climatic emergency in this monotonous world. We live our lives on social media as we are already more adapted to technology. We can organize our societies more productively with the help of the style ideas of MetaverseMetaverse Alliance is working in South Korea to persuade multinational companies and the government to develop an open national VR platform together. 

In this time of the pandemic, when people couldn't go out to shop for stuff they needed, people started to shop more frequently on Facebook and Instagram. This helped the fashion industry grow and create tremendous profit through social media. 

Pandemic has forced brands to experiment with the latest technologies and virtual fitting apps for clothing, cosmetics, accessories, etc. Early development and experimentation of metaverse targets virtual fashion. Different brands are coming up with new and unique ideas to market their products on Metaverse. Gucci, Nike, Addidas, and many other brands selltheir fashion products online on Social media portals.

As the technology keeps evolving, marketers work out different branding boundaries. In a short time, users will be able to engage with an incarnation of brands, like Nike, for an instant. Metaverse will create a new universe of customers and environment for the fashion industry. Pandemic has opened our eyes to new doors of possibilities. 

Metaverse is a territory inside which individuals escape the real world and enter the virtual space by its original definition. According to the advertising executives, efforts are needed,but it wouldn't be impossible. Brands should redefine their approaches to engage the audience on a large scale.

Facebook has been adding new shopping tools to its platform, including Instagram visual discovery. Meta is testing a new search function, powered by AI, to provide its users search similar products. Soon Instagram will make it possible for the users to take pictures from their camera to start a visual search. 

Meta is working on a new shop ads solution that provides unique ads experience based on users' shopping preferences. In the future, Meta will help brands personalize their shop ads by giving special offers to select its shoppers depending upon the shoppers' behavior. So, the answer to Metaverse being the Success of fashion is definitely yes, Meta is the next Goldmine in the world of fashion.


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