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Man arrested over murder of security guard in Qatar

Man shot dead in Qatar 2022
A source has told Doha News that the shooter was reprimanded by police within minutes of the attack. 

A security guard at a residential compound in the Al Waab area of Doha, was shot late on Wednesday evening, after allegedly requesting a young man’s man ID upon entry, residents of the compound informed Doha News.

Witnesses said that the shooter was a young Qatari man who attempted to enter the compound, together with a female passenger in the same vehicle, but was denied entry by the security guard for not presenting his ID.

The alleged murderer then reportedly drove away from the compound before returning to shoot the security guard. The victim is believed to have been a Sri Lankan national, witnesses say he and his colleague were shot more than once.

Based on various testimonies by witnesses and residents, the former died at the scene, while the other security guard was rushed to a hospital.

Image circulating on social media on the incident.

Doha News has contacted the Sri Lankan embassy in Qatar, but they declined to comment. A heavy police presence was at the scene late into Wednesday evening, while helicopters were seen hovering above. One resident told Doha News that she was not allowed back into her house for several hours.

According to a Doha News source, police were able to arrest the gunman almost immediately after the attack and he has now been referred to the public prosecutor’s office. The same source told Doha News that the gun used by the attacker was unlicensed and that an investigation is currently underway into how he obtained the weapon.

According to one of the compound’s residents the deceased security guard was a father of three and was supposed to return to his home country later this year, as his contract was coming to an end.

The local community is currently raising money to support the victim’s family. Incidents involving gun violence in Doha are extremely rare, hence Wednesday’s shooting has caught the attention of many.

Earlier this week, the Qatari capital was ranked as the second safest city globally after Abu Dhabi, according to Numbeo’s “

Rent prices set to increase during Qatar World Cup 2022

Qatar 2022

Rent prices are expected to witness a surge during the Qatar 2022 World Cup as demand increases.

A local real estate report anticipates housing unit rents to rise at different rates during the first half of next year as over one million people are expected to arrive in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

A weekly report by Qatar-based Al-Asmakh Real Estate Development Company, issued on Saturday, highlighted that the real estate sector in the Gulf state will continue to be the highest spending among all sectors during the next year. 

The state’s general budget has allocated 74 billion riyals ($20.3 billion) for major projects out of the total budget expenditures, as the country proceeds with public projects in accordance with its set plans and strategies.

The priority in spending goes to infrastructure projects, the development of citizens’ lands, and public services development projects including roads, bridges and a comprehensive sewage network .

The report noted that a number of real estate projects have reached completion, particularly in Lusail City, which has an area of about 1.8 million square meters. 

It pointed out that the positive growth rates were achieved in the construction of real estate projects during the fourth quarter of 2021, compared to the same period last year.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and the Qatari Ministry of Labour signed a memorandum of understanding last March, under which it was agreed the two would collaborate in helping  provide accommodation for fans and visitors to the country during the World Cup 2022.

The approval in the first phase included over 150 different properties in buildings, towers and residential complexes (complete and undivided) and fully furnished units, providing about 15,000 rooms.

The rental value of the units is determined according to the established government housing prices, while the rental period for real estate will continue for at least five years, which is the period of contracts concluded with real estate owners.

The aim of the contracts is to benefit from the rental properties during the World Cup, and then utilize them to house employees through the government housing program.

In the company’s weekly report, Rashid Al-Kaabi, the general manager of Utopia Real Estate, said that the third week of the current month witnessed a relative return to activity with an increase in trading values by 94% compared to the previous week.

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